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Rent 5 months and get the 6th month FREE!

Why Choose Us

Hayfield Mini Storage has been serving Knoxville since 1987, Our solid masonry structure, state of the art system and electronic gate has made us one of the most successful storage facilities in the Knoxville area. Our 20 years of experience is vital in knowing what our customers need.


Quality Construction

No one wants Mother Nature to wreak havoc on your valuables. At Hayfield Mini Storage, there are no flat roofs, which if they do not leak now they soon will, or metal buildings that attract and retain heat from the sun and have moisture issues.



Our facilities are wired with state of the art systems. All activity is recorded 24 hours a day by video cameras and all gate entries are recorded and stored on the computer. Only our tenants can access our electronic gates with their personal private code.


Flexible Lease Terms

Leases are done on a month-to-month basis, so you are never locked into terms that do not meet your needs.

Outdoor Storage

Hayfield Mini Storage offers space for boats, cars, RV’s and campers.

Indoor Lighting

Each unit is well lit, allowing for visibility of your belongings.